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Glasgow Defence Lawyers has launched Scotland's first Professional Defence Service for other law firms. It's an arrangement that allows you, as a solicitor, to provide the best possible service to your clients if they are prosecuted with a criminal offence.

This service has been specifically designed by solicitors, for solicitors. Your client can benefit from professional, specialised criminal law advice.

• If you are not a criminal lawyer but have a client who has been charged with an offence, or needs criminal law advice, then you can refer that client to Glasgow Defence Lawyers. We appear in courts all over Scotland and will accept referrals from any firm.

• You can be secure in the knowledge that Glasgow Defence Lawyers are only insured to provide criminal law advice. There is therefore no threat to your firm's relationship with your client.

• For referring clients to Glasgow Defence Lawyers, we will always pay a fee to your firm. The structure of the fee, whether payable at the beginning of the case, or at the end, is entirely flexible.

• Our Professional Defence Service provides you with peace of mind that your client is being professionally represented in an area of law that you do not practise.

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Don't take a risk with your client's liberty or livelihood.